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I'm not a hater on SWTOR or BW but I have to admit that is pretty tacky. If you are going to put the outfit of an iconic character in the game, don't do it half-assed.
I'm pretty sure they just don't have the tallent left to do anything but half-assed.

Between this and the "Amazing" life day speeder, i'm really just done even hoping this thing can turn around.

I was pretty blown away when I saw what they where trying to pass off as Revan in the foundry. Darth Revan would crush your wind pipe, cut your legs off with his lightsaber, fry your worthless carcass with lightning and feed you to kath hounds for even suggesting he would wear that awful chest piece.

Darth Revan does not need safety bumbers on his shoulders. He is not in danger of wiplash.

His original robes from kotor made him look like the shadow of death itself.

The way they made him look in SWTOR would be more appropriate in a family guy spoof story told by peter where Revan is a mentally challenged nursing home patient.

Its just sad.

Imagine what would happen if Vader's armor in episode 3 had been changed. If Lucas got rid of the cape. If lucas got rid of the controls on his chest and wrapped a nerf tube around his back from the chest over the shoulders.

There would have been a riot. I'm not sure George would have survived.

Somewhere along the line, someone said "Hey look at world of warcraft. The better the armor is, the bigger the shoulders get".

Well then jimmy, pile that **** on !!!