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12.12.2012 , 02:20 PM | #8
Your experience is vastly different than mine. I spent quite a bit of time unlocking an excellent set of level 49 purple gear on my armormech, suitable for dps/healing Troopers and dps/healing Smugglers.

And yet, few people were interesting in paying for them, most of the people that took advantage of it were guildies who exchanged materials for gear.

As I've been leveling alts, it wasn't even worth crafting that gear for myself, as I have plenty of unused Columi/Rakata tokens in my cargo hold that I could use as a starting point for new characters (via moddable legacy gear).

The only significant profit I make with crafting is selling raw materials (rather than finished products). Bioware has done many things that reduces the effectiveness of crafting as an activity. Free Tionese is somewhere at the bottom of the list.