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Quote: Originally Posted by Eillack View Post
Welcome to Game Update 1.6: Slapping the Faces of Our Customers
Been that way since launch. Nothing new here or changed here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slay_Victus View Post
you had better stop listening to EA money monger and start listening to the player base or you may find yourself expanding your employment criteria.
I wish that would happen to, but as soon as BioWare stands up to EA and stops listening to them EA will just write the game off and move on to destroying the next IP they own with another shoddy, half-assed MMO from a developer they've comepletely broken the will of.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slay_Victus View Post
Get it together Devs this game is falling apart.
Once again, been that way for a while. The only EA every does it just delay the collapse instead of avoiding it.

Also, my 2 cents. Damn! Hood toggle must be a VERY, VERY, VERY complicated thing to create because it's been "in the works" since before 1.2. Apparantely creating a button to change a small part of chest gear models takes a super long amount of time.