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12.11.2012 , 07:13 PM | #237
I agree it'd be hard to run 2 seperate leagues and might detract from the size and excitement of the R.A.W tournament.. depends how many teams we ended up getting in each =/ I guess if they weren't run in parallel then there'd be nothing stopping teams from entering into both leagues. Either on alts or mains just regeared.

At this stage i'm throwing my vote towards Recruit and Open leagues if Icesis and Co. thought it feasible. Even if the recruit wasn't streamed/commentated like he mentioned above- it'd be great for the server and help with gearing for the open league.

Mentoring could work well with this. I'm pretty sure some of the more advanced PVP guilds would gladly offer advice on gearing, tactics, composition etc to help their faction teams in the league. It's win win really especially when we'll be grouped up in normals sometimes heh.