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This, for the love of god this. While I might not stand so firmly on making the shells adaptive (weight is one of two things that set Armormech and Synthweaving apart from each other), please please please please please please pretty please with whatever your sweet tooth so desires on top, REMOVE THE DAFFY CLASS RESTRICTIONS. I play Republic, and as such, have a Republic armormech who unfortunately keeps finding/learning Sith Warrior, Bounty Hunter (ok, not as frequently there) and Imperial Agent only shells. Sure I can go spend a small fortune buying similar shells for Republic only characters off the GTN, but that's a fortune I don't have, and I lose the look of the class restricted sets.
I think Synthweaving loses in this comparison, since its only real advantage is making light armor, which is only worn by two of eight classes and a handful of companions (and even they can't wear most of the sets because of the class locks). You can't make low level heavy armor, and most of what you can make looks pretty lousy compared with the Armormech catalog. Either way, it's obvious that the class locks are just silly, because they already allow JKs to wear Trooper gear, so there is no effort to even pretend that each class has a designated "look."

They also already know how to make one set that has two different faction specific looks depending on who puts it on, so there is no reason not to just collapse the class locked sets into each other, make them wearable by both sides, and just change the look when equipped. The class locks seem more than anything like they're just a holdover from when the art people were struggling to figure out how to manage faction specific looks; it's even clear on the faction locked ones that they have both skins "attached" behind the scenes, because if you learn the pattern for Dark Acolyte's Robe on a republic toon, the icon for it looks just like the one for the same level Republic sided item.

I actually HAVE spent a small fortune collecting a nearly complete set of orange patterns for BOTH armormech and synthweaving, and I would be perfectly happy for half of those sets to go away if it meant I'd be left with one nice adaptive weight, neutral, NON-class locked set at each level range that anyone and anything could wear. It would also have the nice side effect of meaning I'd probably have some sets completed, where now I have one or two complementary gaps in the two faction specific sets.

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So this would be similar to the augmentation kits? Basically REs return "junk" items, that can in turn be crafted into prefix materials used during the crafting of a blue or purple to give the appropriate prefix? Because that would be a genius system, that's already half *** implemented, so it wouldn't be that hard to develop completely.
Pretty much. The idea is it's still a "progressive" learning system, and it still requires money, time, and crafting "work," but it's all predicatable and controllable, so you know exactly what it takes to get what you want.