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(2) Make all craftable orange sets adaptive weight and remove the class locks (this is sort of a backhanded way to deliver on the long-standing request for an "appearance tab" people have had since launch, and would make all the orange sets available for companions as well, which would be very nice at low levels).
This, for the love of god this. While I might not stand so firmly on making the shells adaptive (weight is one of two things that set Armormech and Synthweaving apart from each other), please please please please please please pretty please with whatever your sweet tooth so desires on top, REMOVE THE DAFFY CLASS RESTRICTIONS. I play Republic, and as such, have a Republic armormech who unfortunately keeps finding/learning Sith Warrior, Bounty Hunter (ok, not as frequently there) and Imperial Agent only shells. Sure I can go spend a small fortune buying similar shells for Republic only characters off the GTN, but that's a fortune I don't have, and I lose the look of the class restricted sets.
I suggested in a separate thread to just kill the RNG and let crafters craft schematics using a new component that they can accumulate from RE; so making a particular schematic would require X number of this RE output + the knowledge of the "base" item that the blue or purple schematic you want to make relates to.
So this would be similar to the augmentation kits? Basically REs return "junk" items, that can in turn be crafted into prefix materials used during the crafting of a blue or purple to give the appropriate prefix? Because that would be a genius system, that's already half *** implemented, so it wouldn't be that hard to develop completely.