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12.11.2012 , 03:25 AM | #235
I think that the two separate leagues is a good idea, we definitely need a league with a recruit limitation as this is the only way to encourage new people to get involved with pvp and the competitions. It will be good for the lowbies to know they have a chance.

It will be extremely difficult to convince everyone to spend all their comms on another set of plain war hero instead of putting their coms towards the elite war hero. Having a set of recruit and a set of elite would be the easiest way to go. And im sure their are more then a few multi millionaires in each guild that can shout a set of recruit as its only around 300k which is no more then 3 dailys.

To another issue:

I have been talking to some of the guildless 50's that I don't see in warzones as to why they don't pvp. They said its because they get smashed and rarely get a win. And as my guild already has a full ranked team I have been thinking about grouping with some of the newbies and helping them, and also getting them interested in joining the competitions and the community. However I don't know anything about healing or tanking and would need some other people to help 'mentor'. People who are well experienced who don't have a regular spot in their guild,s ranked warzone team. I think their could be a possible two more teams per faction.

Was thinking about making a thread but wanted to see what peoples thoughts were first.