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Hey guys!

Ok - I will edit out the gear restrictions for now, if we can find a way to incorporate then great, if not then no worries.

I would love to hold both a recruit league and a pro league but it's probably not on the cards to do both. What I WOULD be happy to do, is organise a regular server RWZ match time. Say once a week for three to four hours. We can work out a system whereby teams that want to PvP for more experience tell me by a certain date, I can put together a match list for a month-two months and those teams just rock up on the time/day as per the match list. Basically a non-streamed casual match up rather than a competition.

I'd be MORE than happy to organise all this and even take part if it gets more trams geared and into R.A.W!

For example -

Sundays 2pm AEDT - 6pm AEDT
Week 1: NC v Legit, Boss2 v Infection, Pandemic v Beyond Redemption
Week 2: Legit v Boss2, Infection v Pandemic, Beyond Redemption v NC
Week 3: Legit v Infection, Pandemic v NC, Boss2 v NC

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