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That's also assuming that you manage to get every piece from every set...difficult to say the least. The average player, like myself, will only have a handful of these schematics.
Thanks Sarenne for the come back! I'd also like to add that even if there were only 5 pieces, that is still an infinite amount more than any other set, which have 0.

And although they are only a handful for the average player, they are the ones you want to make! Orange items!

I have no problem with different types of crafting being unique, but some are just so bad. Lets have a look.
Artifice - can use all materials and get Gift Fragments
Armstech - Can use all materials
Armormech - can get stuck with only fabrics
Biotech - can use all materials, get to boost alignment, benefit of purple items debatable
Cybertech - can get stuck with only fabrics
Synthweaving - can get stuck with only metals, get useless colour crystal missions, need materials they can't harvest

That's a lot of inequality.
Easy fix, change the scavenged metal requirement to underworld metals, easy! Done! Print it!
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