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3 - Provide a way to improve RE chance and the ability to direct the path of RE with items that follow the prefix model.
I suggested in a separate thread to just kill the RNG and let crafters craft schematics using a new component that they can accumulate from RE; so making a particular schematic would require X number of this RE output + the knowledge of the "base" item that the blue or purple schematic you want to make relates to.

I've also seen the suggestion of "Research Missions," which is not exactly a trivial change, but not inconceivable either and possible to imagine using the existing UI for, if it had a separate tab. The idea there I think would be that you have a separate mission tab for "research," and you have a selection of missions there that are based on whatever you have already unlocked. So if you learned the green Resolve Augment 2, then you can start a research mission for the blue Resolve Augment 2. They could make them take a certain number of special research components that we get 1 of from each RE of any craftable item, plus a credit cost, and with a significant run time. The output would be a schematic for the blue or purple item that you selected to research; so it removes the RNG idiocy, while preserving the (now precisely controllable rather than glitchy, random, and annoying) time and money sink aspect of learning premium patterns.