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Two simple things would do a lot to help pull crafting out of the death spiral it's been in since 1.2:

(1) Remove all gift missions from all the mission skills and put in a completely separate "Professional Shopper" mission skill that ONLY returns companion gifts.

(2) Make all craftable orange sets adaptive weight and remove the class locks (this is sort of a backhanded way to deliver on the long-standing request for an "appearance tab" people have had since launch, and would make all the orange sets available for companions as well, which would be very nice at low levels).
For #1 they could also just allow selection from a full list of ALL available missions within a grade instead of having to do the log on and off the ship mission shuffle routine.

I agree with #2, they could even keep it faction specific if they really cared, though with all the current adaptive gear from social and the cash shop, I don't see it as a problem letting everyone wear whatever they want.

I'd add the following (assuming we are talking about 'simple' changes, not a complete update like it really needs).

1 - Add basic schematics for 23 / 24 / 25 level items. Put them on the trainers or allow RE of 23 / 24 / 25 to provide schematics. Remove the BOP restriction to current schematics in this range.

2 - Add more metals missions to UWT (or bump up the returns) as UWT metals are used at least twice as much as any other mission skill crafting material in the game.

3 - Provide a way to improve RE chance and the ability to direct the path of RE with items that follow the prefix model.

4 - Do a quick pass through of all the crew skills / mission skills and balance returns against demands, possibly eliminating some materials or changing the materials requirements for crafted items. Goal should be that all items require similar amounts of materials that all have similar availability through missions.