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I would note that only the columni rewards , Daily , and BH comms are worth doing. The tionese comms drop too slow to be worth the trouble of getting that gear. I already have all purple mods , augments, and purple armour with just a week or so of dailies. I do though prefer to do all the bosses. However, I have yet to do a single HM flashpoint in which the group did not skip all bosses possible. Including the final boss of Taral V which would have dropped a columni piece. I would prefer to do at least the bosses and definitely the final boss on all runs I do. However, I believe a fast run with a group that can do it is better than a slow run in a group that can't, or leaving and rolling the group dice again. I do think BW should make the quest bosses sequenced so you have to kill each boss to unlock the next and have to defeat the last boss to finish the flashpoint. The fact that you can run past the last boss on taral v and go straight to talking to the scientist and your done is very bad design. Also bosses should not leave combat if we run away they should chase us all the way till we or they are dead. Otherwise make a door behind all bosses that you have to unlock by defeating them to continue. There is no logical reason to design things so that a boss can be skipped might as well redesign the flashpoints so they are final boss only.
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