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no, i am not.

how many times you need to run it to get your part of gear? 5 or 6 runs?
how many times you need to run content 'in 15 minutes' to fully and totally chew it and digest?
why do you run it more?
no fun no run.
it's simple.

You do not need BH commendations from HM Flashs if you run operations and get campaign gear from ops loot.
There's no hard work to get BH comms enough for implants and ears (35 each) - the only BIS gear you can not take from ops loot. And these gear is not vital for ops effectiveness. It helps, but not vital.

and about your fun from end result - people are supposed to have fun playing through content.
not just from getting the final loot. loot is just a help to get to another, next content.

why on earth are you playing for? to get The Most BFG in the Game only!?
Ah. Ahahahahaha. 5-6 runs? You sir, are a complete joke, or an oblivious person to how this game works. And you have no right whatsoever to tell me how I should play, what I should do. Cry all you like, I will prefer my 15 minute runs to your 45 minute all boss trash killing runs? Not like it? I am a tank, I will get insta pop another group after leaving yours, and will have my way.
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