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12.10.2012 , 09:50 AM | #145
So, by reading a few pages of this i've come up with this...

So all you newer play realize why all us 'geared' experienced player most likely skip all this. When we hit 50, we ran these FP's to gear, we were locked out of these FP's after running them once per day. We were not over geared and honestly some of these FP's had some rough spots while attempting them in daily gear/tio/columni gear(there was no BH ect.). I remember it took me 3 week's running BP to get the damn boots.

I do these FP for 1 reason and 1 reason only now, for the BH com's so i can gear alts or r/e bh gear for mats. That being said, i've done every FP on HM no less than 75 times. I do not want to watch the convo, i do not want to kill trash i can skip, i do not want to waste anymore time in said FP than i need to. However, if i join a GF HM FP and i see players w/ 13k-14k HP, i absolutely have no issue in taking another 2-3 mins to kill a random mini or bonus boss in a fp(except kaon cause that one just takes forever and ppl in that gear will die lol) all they need to do is ask. I also space bar through every convo(everyone should have done these while lvling cept maybe the last few d7, kaon, ect.) if someone states they haven't seen the video, then by all means go ahead and watch it, just let it be known this is your first time, i will not give you any bs.

So all in all speak up and the majority of the people will sympathize with you(at least i will), but to be honestly we just wanna face roll as fast as possible thru the FP and if your slowing the group down more often than not your pissing the exp. players off. Or we're just laughing at how bad you are... i.e. you have no idea how many dps assassins ive seen standing 25 meters out the entire FP LoL.(even after telling them they are a melee class, christ the only ability that can hit that far is FL if they use recklessness... and thats on what a 1-2 min CD lol)