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Great idea!
I was searching for a post on how Synthweaving is the most annoying crafting skill and found this
I came to that conclusion because of the uselessness of colour crystals, having to rely on Underworld Trading, which often has no missions for fabric available, topped off by being the only crafting skill that requires FOUR crew skills to make everything. I refer to needing Scavenging for metals or compounds to make some of the heavier orange armour pieces (Sure, augments also require another skill, but that's even across the board)
Give me a break, You can count on one hand the number of synth schematics that require scavenged metals. Synthweaving does not "REQUIRE" scavenging (and I believe they all use electrum).

As for color crystals, I agree that it is mildly annoying that something that is gathered by archeology cannot be used by synthweaving, and this is the only case of this type in this game, but there are instances of this throughout MMOs. The intent is to encourage trade between players/characters.