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Today I am fully 63 geared except earpiece, when stimmed and buffed I get 31.2k HP with 30% def 50% shield and 45% absorption. I have thought long and hard about whether to accept the 2.5k - 3k ish hp loss to get the remaining 5% absorption rating and I have decided it's just not worth the investment I will make, despite what Kitru claims (the one and only optimal way of gearing), HP stacking has it's own advantages and I believe getting that 5% more absorption will have it's own advantages. Sometimes one will be better than the other in different fights.

Remember that when you HP stack it makes up for some healing errors or it allows your healer to heal other people for a limited amount of time before returning to you, it allows for more leeway, sometimes that extra 3k hp will save you more than the extra 5% absorb and sometimes it's the other way around. Of course both ways, are viable to clear all the current content has to offer. Let's also not forget that Trooper buff gives you more hp, medpac gives you more hp (15% hp bonus), and Enure gives you more hp.

I appreciate Kitru's knowledgable input, my only disagreement is at the thought that there can be only a single best way to gear up, it's just not true.
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