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I think the maximum DPS needed to beat a hardmode Ops boss is something like 1350/1400 DPS for the 4 main dps players (except on bosses like fabricator / kephess in tfb which both have massive debuffs). As far as I'm aware, every single DPS talent tree in the game is capable of reaching that level of DPS. However, some trees will have a harder time than others so at that point it's going to come down to gear/player skill.

Good example of this is infiltration spec for shadows. Balance spec has higher sustained dps so is the usual go-to build for raiding, but infiltration is more bursty so is more for pvp. However, inf can pull 1600dps+ if played and geared correctly so it is more than capable of clearing all bosses in the game, it would just be easier if you respecced to balance.

My advice would be the same as others though: fork out for field respec, be a subscriber and just respec depending on what content you are doing.
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