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It felt.... wrong? That guy is a legend, how is some level 36 scrub like me able to touch him? This man is one of the greatest of his kind ever, holed up in an unbreachable fortress.... and I just stroll in with 3 people and whoop his ***?
You're about 354 days late.

Yes, Revan is a legend, blah blah, defeated mandalores and armies of the darkside, blah blah. Yes, we all loved him, but he is past his time. (literally)

By the time you face Revan in the Foundry he's a very broken man. Having previsouly collected his companions to face down the Emperor only to be betrayed from within and be forced to watch all his friends including the woman he loved struck down in front of him. If that wasn't enough to break him the Emperor imprisoned Revan within a special prison where the Emperor would walk inside his mind for 300 years and play with it like silly puddy.

Ultimately this leads to his downfall in the Foundry by the 4 villians of the Empire; Warrior, Inquisitor, Agent, and Bounty Hunter.

Though let's not forget that Revan was a powerful force user and if he is dead then he probably will become something like the Jedi Entity since Revan dedicated his life to hunting down and destroying the Emperor, he won't be able to rest in peace knowing he still lives so maybe we may see him again. Only time will tell.