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Give us more missions to send, and at least one of each target. Focus the targets to an actual resource. I can't tell you how many times I've sold stacks of one artifact/crystal/metal/compound/sample/etc./etc, because I was trying to replenish the other(or more) same tier'ed item. To use actual examples, noone needs to send M1-4X out for Desh... but it's always nice to send him out while you're doing laps under Coruscant. If he'd bring back Aluminum rather than Desh. Likewise, it's annoying wihtout end having to send people our for Tier 2 gifts just to cycle in some Underworld Metal, or Light/Dark (as the case may be) medical supplies...

Give us harder to finish Artifact level missions.. i.e. when you hit 400 it unlocks randomly available purple metal/fabric/gem/etc missions that DON'T have to be there all teh time, but will cycle in from time to time.

Archaeology: This, and the skills based on seem less valuable than the Scavenging based skills. Having three skills feed off of Scavenging and Underworld Trading makes them huge skills and unbalanced the value of their results compared to the other skill results.

Armortech: Decent. Overall can't complain, other than the lack of diverse looks available, and the work involved in getting a full set of a customizable suit. Painful. If we hate mix and matching colors, why would you think we wouldn't hate mix and matching pants and shirts, hats and boots? Certain recipes are entirely too common, while others are entirely too rare. Smooth out those recipe rewards.

Armstech: Can't complain. Not writing home either. Which probably means it's just about right. Investigation is not a real winner, but it's nice to only have to have (Researched Compounds) to worry about, your mission log isn't clumped with a buncha crappy fabric or Lockbox missions. It's one of the quickest and least headachy crafts to master.

Artifice: The lightsabers you can make with the raid/Heroic drop ingredients need a boost. They're just not worth it.

Bio-Analysis: Too many green level materials. They extend beyond a full row. Everything else is a full 10 slot bank row or less. Only Bio Analysis has so many to extend into another row.

Biochem All in all not bad... only gripe I have is that it's too much work to generate medpacks for sale. This should be a bread and butter business that just isn't there. Needs a 5pack recipe. Takes the resources for 2-4 medpacks/stims/whatever consumable and takes 2.5 times the time cost of 1 item to make a stack of 5. Batch processing should provide a benefit for this stuff.

Cybertech: Arguably going to be one of the single most in demand tradeskills as people start making alts, and "demand" a steady stream of mods to swap into orange gear. Almost everything you make is low cost, but you have to make so so many, it jus feels like you're always standing around working the systems. This skill and Biochem could definitely use a 5pack time/resource boost recipe... i.e. for the cost of 2-4 items, and the time of 2.5 you can make 5, but you only get 5 after the full time period, if you cancel you get bupkiss.

Diplomacy: Frustrating when the light/dark option you prefer is the one that's under-represented. Rarely do you see both light and dark gift and medical missions.

Investigation: This skill is the biggest disappointment. It ONLY feeds Armstech. And Armstech isn't nearly the skill Biochem is. Biochem is the skill you pick when you already have one of everyhting else. Making a Rakata Belt and Bracer isn't nearly the equivalent of leveling up with reusable stims. Try price checking the Tier 6 340 skill mission skill missions. People are all but selling the Investigation missions at cost trying to give them away.

Scavenging: One of the best money making skills for people willing to mine for money. 3 crafts are fed by this skill as such there's a much bigger demand for it than most others.

Slicing: Good for money making while you're out and about... but a good way to make a small fortune, is to start with a large fortune and send your crew out to collect lockboxes. In other words the crew missions don't pay for themselves in any way shape or form. It's slightly better now with the sliced tech parts, but still...

Synthweaving: Gigantic hole in the Heavy Armor robes for customizable gear early. Heavy Armor robes almost universally are ugly and until the late 30's or early 40's look neither armored nor heavy. Only skill that uses the fabric for Underworld Trading.

Treasure Hunting: The artifact pieces were a nice little idea. This skill however definitely needs those targeted missions. I have collected stacks and stacks of yellow gems I don't need and can't possibly use trying to get the normal recipe gems. Also only feeds one skill. But the missions are worth more because everyone wants purple artificed bits.

Underworld Trading: The single biggest mission skill out there. Feeds three crafts. Fabrics are woefully under-utilised. Again often see the "good" mission in what you're NOT currently looking for. Need to see more missions, and at least one metal, and one fabric mission in each tier at all times. Cybertechers should not be forced to go after gifts or fabrics they don't want to get metals. Armormechers should be able to use the fabrics on medium armors.