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12.09.2012 , 10:15 PM | #22
I think something must be broken, because most of the time when I look there is 1 metal, 1 fabric and 3 companion missions. No way that is random. But doing one mission seems to generate a somewhat random replacement, favouring the mission type being replaced perhaps.

One thing i have noticed, and can be used to get around this annoying "feature"
Send a couple companions out on missions the level you want to get
Send another on a level one mission. When that companion comes back there will be 5 missions available at the level you want again, hopefully with a type you want. No guarantees of course XD
Not thoroughly tested, but I'm pretty sure that works.

Of course now Bioware will probably fix that while my game continues to crash constantly and the launcher is still a piece of . . . doo doo
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