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Because you can exclude LI HM from your list without missing out on rewards. It is ENTIRELY optional.
I was trying to give advice to Bioware and make this game better.

It does drop better gear... Columi and Rakata.
Only the final boss for the majority.

Consider that people going into HM TFB KNOW they are going to wipe repeatedly, it is progression level content and people are willing to wipe repeatedly and learn it. PUGs are not. If you can find a PUG for that, that doesn't disband after 10 wipes, I'll be impressed.
Because TFB drops the best gear in the game right now, EC NiM is not easier. Once new ops and higher tier is out Bioware is going to nerf it to avoid there are too big gear gap between people. And unlike TFB, LI encourage PUG, that's why it's on the GF selection.

Show me an average PUG go into HM EV/KP in full Columi having never done it and clear it fine.

If you want to continually bring up people who aren't regularly clearning HM LI, you need to consider these same people for all of your gear requirements.
I've met groups who can clear a few bosses, but Tionese groups cannot beat even 1 real boss, no matter they know the fight or not, and unlike HM EV/KP, LI encourage PUGs otherwise it would not be on the GF selection.

I personally find Lorrick to be the easiest boss in the instance aside from the constant aggro drops in the burn stage and I've done him as all 3 roles. Hardest part is not yelling at my DPS for the 50th time to stop standing on my side of Lorrick while I kite the Satchel Charges.
He is easy with a ok tank and good DPS, so that proved my point.