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I've got all 3 tanks. My favorite is my Guardian, it just feels the most engaging, I've got lots of abilities to juggle and I can stand toe to toe with anything in the game. AoE threat is a bit tough but I can usually get it done, you do REALLY notice the difference on a Shadow or Vanguard though, like it doesn't even compare. There are definitely fights I look at and think "this would be easier on my Assassin/Shadow" but that doesn't mean a Guardian can't get them done.

Now I loved leveling my Assassin, felt pretty squishy up until I could reliably self heal, but it was fun and fluid. That said, once I hit 40 and got Wither it became a little mind numbing only using 5-7 abilities after having used 12+ on my Guardian. My PT on the other hand rocked up until about 25 thanks to the multiple heavy hitting AoEs. Then things started taking longer to kill at 30 and I pretty much stagnated after finishing chapter 2. Starting with a healer also makes things faceroll easy.

If you want to have fun and can learn to handle aggro, roll a Guardian.
If you want to be the best, roll a Shadow.
If you want easy street, roll a Vanguard.

As a last note. A bad Shadow dies, a bad Guardian watches his party die while a bad Vanguard rains mortars on the next group of mobs.
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