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12.09.2012 , 03:48 PM | #14
I think my point has been lost. We have downed him on 4 stacks. You cannot be random on pulls with high stacks, some finesse is important so "pull quicker" or "pull in whatever spot" does not work. I am trying to point out the poor design to this fight and the griefing in which steals the fun. Some simple fixes as in (for instance) lower population cap per instance in Sector X, remove his pat behind wall and make pat only in arena worth fighting him in, possible rework of debuff that allows people to grief you so much, just to name a few. The point is to make this fun and worth while (to every server, not just low population ones) there needs to be some terms of progressive pulls (1-2 stack pull is easy/fine and presents no problems). To be able to "farm" a progress with this boss in current conditions is nearly impossible and lack luster in fun department. I guess I am looking for constructive responses from people attempting these progressions and having same issues as a guild. I would politely ask that insults/trolls be kept at minimum as it will only taint the post geared towards positive response/outcome. As far as the aggro issue I can agree with some of the previous post, it is probably a group issue over BW issue, except in terms of the lag meaning lag can make it hard for correct abilities to be going off at correct times hence screwing with aggro table...i.e. aggro dump does not go off do to lag so double clicked or taunt does not go off etc. etc.