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Alternatively we could have a King of the Gangnam Style FP where NPCs judge you based on your invisible horse riding skills.

On a more serious note, KotH style would favour AOE heavy specs, while single target is useful on the heavier enemies it just wouldn't be competitive enough for the hoards of adds in the other waves. Compare a party with 2 Watchman Sentinels, a Gaurdian tank and a Scoundrel healer to a group with a Shadow tank, Sabo Gunslinger, Gunnery Commando and Sage Healer. The first would likely get swamped while the second would take a little longer on the big guys but tear through the rest.

What I'd love to see in a FP is a true clone fight. Like the one from D7 but with enemies that have the same stats and advanced classes as the players. It'd be nice to see something that stays tough even when you out gear it.
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