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Here's a quick suggestion I think the dev team should add to the game:

Suggestion: Let's have a quick travel point to the ops or group leaders position, this can be done a few ways, so here is what I think could be done:

1. Grant the ops/group leader a beacon placement for players to quick travel to, this would work when the leader places the beacon then all players on the same world could quick travel to the location. Players would have a new icon for 'Troop Deployment' which would look similar to the Quick travel icon but work on a separate cool down timer.


2. Grant players a shuttle pass to group leaders location, this could be made like a troop drop ship that goes into battle, a simple cut screen movie and reload at group leaders location. (Can be used from any world/fleet or from players ship straight to starting location/ group leaders location)

Why: By having a travel to group leaders location we would see less time waiting for players to arrive and it would make the whole process of getting the group to the start location of the op/raid etc a lot quicker, making for a smoother more user friendly experience when joining a group
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