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12.08.2012 , 07:22 PM | #1
So, it's been showing a 20% chance to learn a new recipe. And I get how an rng works etc and 'sods' law.

However, I've had 6 items upgrade so far through RE, however these are how many attempts it took me.


Currently im reverse engineering a hilt, I'm on attempt 13 and it's only a green. This is really not showing a 20% curve at all, is there a bug here or am I extremely unlucky.

Searching only shows up a bug from Feb 2012, to which I'd assume was fixed by now...


18 now for the Resolve Hilt 5 green one, it's getting to a bit of a joke. If I don't get it on this one it would be 2% or less rather than 20% for this hilt.
Edit2: Yep, 20 and nada. Out of mats so I'll go to bed for now.