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Heaven forbid they make a HARD boss for people.
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I (and most other gamers) LOVE a "hard" boss encounter. No where in Fish's post does he once complain about the encounter being too "hard." Does he? The issues he does bring up are all relevant and to people who have actually attempted this boss on a regular basis would probably agree with. I think it is especially humorous to read your comment... then read your stupid little quote in your sig. I guess attempting to belittle someone's LEGITIMATE issue with a game mechanic without even reading the post is what you would pass as "intelligence"?

Now that that is out of the way, I would like to add this: another blatantly obvious issue with this world boss lies in the fact that there is only once instance of Section X at most (even at peak) times. Yeah, when 1.5 dropped there was 7 maybe 8, and that's probably how many instances there should be. With one instance lets say a progressive-oriented guild, like X-Raided, wants to attempt a 5-stack pull. We apply the essences to him and put him at 5 stacks. Now, other guilds/groups i'm sure want to do the encounter on less stacks. Guess what? They can't because with one instance he's stuck at 5 stacks until I assume after the weekly reset or he gets downed at 5 stacks. So the entire server has to sit around with thumbs up their asses and wait for the reset to even try it on less stacks. Lower the population cap for each instance so more groups can get some pulls in.

We've had groups together to do 3-stack pulls on more than one occasion who repeatedly wipe due to worthless aggro tables and griefing by other players. Not to mention you have the 5-10 minute wait in between pulls for the pat this fool walks on and getting hit with a 5-minute debuff because some random player pulls him next to your raid group. So, you get a group of 16+ people together to sit around and get one worthless pull in and then wait around and do nothing until he pats back or your debuff drops off.

This world boss has been nothing but a source of wasted time and frustration. A few minor changes could turn it back into an enjoyable encounter, and I hope something is done. The concept is good, the execution is terrible.