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Of the ones I've completed so far, I'd rank them:
Inquisitor > Warrior > Smuggler > Knight > Hunter

Inquisitor I played through with Light leanings (finished Light II). I really just enjoyed getting to go around, build up power, find ancient powers, etc. It did drag a little near the end of act 2/beginning of act 3, but while the overarching story could get a bit monotonous sometimes, the actual things done in pursuit of the character's goals always managed to be varied and fun. The cast was similarly good, though I would've preferred Xalek joining up sooner, and more Thanaton (not that he was lacking per se, but I just really enjoyed him as a villain).

Warrior I played mostly Dark (Dark IV at finish) and it did a really great job of making me feel like the baddest dude in the galaxy. It also seemed very versatile going up...even though I was Dark, I could see it being pretty good for a Light-sider, too, so it gets props for that. I do feel like the climax wasn't everything it could've been - not bad, it just feel flat in a few spots - and the last couple of companions felt like little more than an afterthought, so I rank it below the Inquisitor. Still it was pretty darned strong.

I played Smuggler slightly Light (Light III), and it came off...not as serious as the others. I think a Dark Smuggler would've been more of an interesting "crime" story and I'd like to try some day, but for me, it was more of a slightly silly vigilante hero sort of vibe. Of course, that made it really entertaining. The story kept moving nicely, the cast was colorful and fun. It didn't "mean" as much as the other stories in the scale of how it affected the galaxy, but I can live with that. I do think the twist at the end could have been better handled. It sort of made me feel like I did was worthless, but I got to at least make up a little bit at the end.

Knight I played mostly Light (Light IV) and it wasn't bad, it was just really vanilla. The first act was the strongest, I thought, with the rivalry and the different superweapons. After that, it shifted a little too much into just "fight the Empire". There were a few good moments, but I can't, for example, recall a darned thing about what I was actually doing on several of the planets in acts 2 and 3, and while most of my other characters felt like "characters" at the end of their stories, the Knight just sort of felt like the generic "hero". And finally, what was the point of Rusk? He was just...there.

Hunter, finally, also went mostly Light, though took the Dark ending (going Light was entirely too unprofessional for my Hunter's character). It wasn't bad, but it was a little too repetitive. I mean, granted, it's a Bounty Hunter, so it's going to be about hunting bounties, but while every act there was a new boss to work for, and the assignments were varied, it never really changed the basic setup. I felt like they could've played up the vengeance aspects and made the Hunter a little more proactive, and that would've made it a lot more interesting.

Of the three I haven't finished yet, I was working on and enjoying Consular, just finished the first act and I really liked it...depending on how Acts 2 and 3 go (and I've heard they do even better than 1), I could easily see it becoming my favorite. Yes, clearly, I'm weird. But I enjoyed watching all the dots come together and being the sort of "unexpected hero". The climax of Act 1 was a little rushed and confusing, but good all-in-all. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted my Consular and am still waiting on a restore to continue the story.

Agent and Trooper I've played through Tatooine. I'm saving Agent for last since most say it's best, and so far, it's impressed me. Each planet has its own unique story with plenty of intrigue. Trooper has impressed less. I don't much like General Garza, and I don't feel like the traitors have been well-utilized. I've enjoyed a lot of the supporting cast so far, though, so there's still plenty of chance for it to step up a bit.