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Images of the spouses teaching their kids "skills" are now floating through my head...

Mako: "Okay, honey, now when you want to hack into government bases, you have to remember that they're always double encrypted..."

Malavi: "Alright, you seem to have memorized how to properly address all of the Sith Lords. Now let's move on to- don't you DARE set me on fire again!" (I think he'd secretly be a hard-***, despite the SW being in charge.)

Corso: "Now, aim straight ahead, focus on their nose, and imagine that they're a magnet for the blaster bullet. Good job, sweetie!"

Vette: "Remember, always hide the card in your BOOT. They'll be watching your sleeves..."

Oh, the lessons just go on and on...
You forgot the best one of all: HK-51.

Advisement: When utilizing a Sniper Rifle, remember to choose a holographic scope setup. Next, aim your reticule at the organic troublemakers vital organ, and-there you go, fantastic job! Now I will go ask Doctor Archiban to fix Sergeant Rusk's spleen.
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