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No-one really cares about Mandos except fanboys, which is the only reason Mandalorian characters are forced into the narrative as is (see Boring Cadera and Akaavi Spar).

I get the distinct feeling BioWare understands just how awful and ****** Traviss' writing is and are treading the line between openly mocking Mandalorian fanboys and giving them a little bit of the awful trash that they like (Best Bounty Hunter option in the game is telling the Mandalore to go **** himself and watch him get all nerd-rage on you while the rest of the Big Five mock him behind his back).
this. fandalorian tears are so sweet.

I don't get all the mando love from one character in cool armor with two lines before getting knocked into the sarlac by a blind han solo.
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Star Wars: The Old Republic is the spritual successor to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, also made by BioWare, and not any other game.