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You really feel the need to necro more than one thread on this subject? Besides, it is true or at least it was at the time it was written. I have over 1,000 gaming videos uploaded and I have never ever had one removed. I've had a few copyright claims and some I was able to get removed because they weren't legit claims while others I wasn't even though they apparently aren't legit claims either, but they also had no impact on my account. I currently have four claims on SWTOR videos due to the use of music clips from the movies that the game uses (Three for Anakin's Betrayal and one for Queen Amidala and The Naboo Palace), but none of the videos are muted or removed, only one is blocked in Germany (no clue why). The funny thing is, I've even had BioWare people roll their eyes at the absurdity when I told them about the claims and who they came from.

I get the feeling there's something more to this than you just having a video from the game on Youtube because lots of us do and we have not had problems such as yours.

I have learned, though, there's a new entity that has software that automatically makes claims instead of the entity reviewing each claim as Youtube requires them to do. They're worse than WMG by the sounds of it.
Yeah I thought it was necessary to dig through more than 1 of these subjects. I am angry I lost my youtube account to this. Initially the video that was removed had been ID'd and blocked in Germany just as some of yours have been but of course it didn't stop there. It got removed by Sony Music Entertainment just weeks later. I had previous copyright strikes set to go away in about 10 days when sony decided to just go ahead and pull the plug on me.
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