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12.08.2012 , 01:29 AM | #4
It is 5 right now.

You can pay credits for the last 2 by character (1 million each, I believe) or cartel coins.

You can also unlock the last 2 by paying more cartel coins for a legacy wide unlock.

If you buy the legacy wide unlock, each character on your account on that server will instantly get the next 2 bank tabs available to them. That means characters who haven't unlocked the cheaper tabs (2 and 3) will unlock 2 and 3 with the legacy unlock and you'll be stuck paying the higher price (and level 50 requirement) to get the last 2 tabs unlocked.

Once you've paid for the legacy unlocks you won't have the option of buying them again. You're stuck unlocking future tab 4's and 5's the individual way (credits or cartel coins).

Any new characters you create will come with 3 bank tabs (not 1), but you won't be able to get any additional ones til they meet the level 50 requirement to unlock the 4th tab individually.