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What does it take to get the recruit gear? I didnt know about the puzzle. Thanks!
On the fleet, just head to the PvP mission terminal in the Combat Training area. There's a particular mission called New Technology (I think). It's not really a mission, per se - you don't have to do anything - you turn it into the mission dropbox immediately. The mission reward is an item for your particular class that, when used, unfolds to a full set of Recruit PvP gear. It will almost all be way better than the gear you have at that point.

You can also buy gear for your companions and yourself at the Recruit PvP vendors in that area. There is one vendor for each class (Knight, Sage, Smuggler, Trooper). Unfortunately for facing the Emperor, there is little there you can buy for droids. You could get T7 a couple of implants, an earpiece, shield and a *pistol, I think, from the Aim/Trooper Recruit PvP vendor, though.

* Edit: I'm not actually sure you can get a pistol on the Republic side, sorry!