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I solo the group content with my alts. I wouldn't recommend doing content that's 5 levels or more below you. You'll get significantly reduced xp from that.

It really comes down to gearing. Once you've played through the game a couple times, you should have a pretty strong understanding of what types of companions are the best for each class and how to gear yourself and your companions properly. Be prepared to supplement your quest rewards with some cash spent on the GTN to keep your gear top notch. Always be using a main hand weapon with at least a blue hilt/barrel within 2 levels of your own (same rule for your companion).

It's also alot easier to solo with certain classes than others. For heroics, being able to heal and CC is probably the easiest. Being a well geared tank with a well geared healing companion is also good. Well geared dps with healing companion is also good (better still if you have CC). I don't solo flashpoints, but probably playing a healer with a tank companion would be most viable for that.

Keep in mind that there are some H4's in act 3 that cannot be solo'd at level because they're just tuned too tough. At this point in the game, the developers figure you've learned your class fairly well and so they're a little tougher on some of this top group content (The very last H4 you get on Belsavis, and 2 of the H4's on the Hoth bonus series come to mind).