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12.07.2012 , 10:53 PM | #7
I did it with a guardian and died a couple times. At that time the T7 loot chest was bugged as well so I kind of had to do it more or less companionless.

The clones take 1 focused hit to kill. Area of Effect abilities or stuff that hits multiple enemies won't make any clones go way, but a simple lightsaber swing will get rid of the clone you're targetting.

What I did was as soon as the clones would come out, I would immediately (you have to be very fast and efficient) just hit each one of them to get them to go away and then go back to the emperor.

A key to success is learning what moves he does that hurt the worst. You need to interrupt those. By this time you should be a master at using your stun to get an extra interrupt in there (that's what I used my stun for), and also running away to get range for your leap to get another interrupt in, while he's channeling a spell.

It is by far the toughest solo fight in the game. If you get too frustrated by it and want to finish your class story now before you move on to the end game stuff and get better gear (gear has a way of making tough fights not so tough), you can always ask friends to help you with it. I've helped a few knights do the fight while playing my trooper.

Personally, I recommend trying the best you can to solo it. It's the toughest solo content the game has to offer and you'll feel really good about yourself when you finally beat it.