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If you're looking to be a completionist and make sure you pick up every quest on a planet, I don't know of a site with a comprehensive list of every quest pickup in the game.

There are very few (maybe around 1 per planet) quests that are picked up out in the field. Almost all the quests are picked up in questing hubs.

If you're asking about finding an NPC related to doing our turning in a quest you already have, what you want to do is open up your missions (missions is what swtor calls quests) menu (it's one of the clickable menu buttons at the top of your screen) and make sure its little circle is lit up, so that it's on your quest tracker.

Now, you can go to any speeder taxi on the planet, and the destination menu will have destinations that have active quests for you marked in green. If you mouse over these destinations, it will tell you what quests are active at that speeder location.

If you take a speeder taxi to a location with active quests, you can use your world map to zoom in on that area and see exact locations of where quests or turn-in npc's are located.

Once you get used to it, it's a very handy and intuitive system.