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12.07.2012 , 08:20 PM | #1
new here, and i have a few questions that i can't find the right answers previously posted.

1) If you have 4 level 20's but haven't unlocked legacy yet does it matter as to which character unlocks it first? Does the first character get something special that the rest in the family tree don't get?

2) Does it matter how or where you add or connect your characters in the family legacy tree? Is their a better order and/or do you get better perks and/or different perks depending on how they are connected in the family tree?

3) Does it matter which character creates the legacy first then you add all your alts?

4) Does it matter or change what you get for the iconic heroic legacy skill, based on which character a) unlocks legacy first b) gets to a certain level first and c) does it auto give to all your alts regardless of their current level?

5) Can you get 4 iconic heroic legacy skills for all 4 characters if you already created and leveled them up? Or do you have to level one up and unlock, then create another character and level 1 for this second character to qualify to get the heroic legacy skill from the first character you leveled up and unlocked?