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Greetings, all!

Iím a lvl 26 Jedi Sentinel Watchman whose next big hurdle is defeating Valis. He lit me up the New York Times Square Xmas tree on my first two disastrous attempts. Iíve read several forum posts on the subject, so I now know I have to work the interrupts and keep my back to something. I should state that this is my first character and my first time with an MMORPG. I think Iíve grasped the basic gameplay and have all my Crew Skills above 200 after finally understanding crafting and reverse engineering only a few levels ago. The game still feels HUGE and daunting because Iím not used to MMOís, but Iím starting to feel like Iím getting the hang of it.

If you want, you can skip most of the following text unless youíd have suggestions on how my gear can be improved!

I have a few questions about hotkeys after the long gear list!

Kiraís gear

green Might Device
+16 Str
+14 End
+7 Crit Rat

green Field Robes
140 Armor
+17 End
+21 Will
+8 Crit Rat

blue Introspection Glove
92 Armor
+25 End
+15 Will
+9 Crit

blue Introspection Sash
87 Armor
+17 End
+14 Will

green Field Skirt
125 Armor
+21 End
+12 Will
+7 Pow

green Field Bracers
78 Armor
+15 End
+12 Will

green Cerebral Assault Gen
Focus (Rat 56)
+24 Str
+20 End
+17 Pow
+148 Force Pow

green Reinforced Double Saber
+28 Str
+31 End
+14 Crit Rat
+183 Force Pow

Viridionyx gear

blue Might Device
+21 Str
+17 End
+8 Crit

orange Hardened Flexiglass Headgear
206 Armor
+25 Str
+20 End
+8 Pow

orange Battleborn Chestguard
226 Armor
+23 Str
+29 End
++8 Crit

green Mantellian Ribbed Gauntlets
129 Armor
+21 Str
+16 End
+10 Def Rat

purple Fevent Battle Waistcord
174 Armor
+20 Str
+25 End

orange Battleborn Greaves
247 Armor
+23 Str
+38 End
+8 Crit Rat

purple Kuati Ribbed Footgear
154 Armor
+26 Str
+19 End
+12 Crit Rat

blue Ablative Flexiglass Bracers
154 Armor
+22 Str
+11 End

orange Saber 1 & 2
92-137 Damage
+27 Str
+39 End
+14 Crit Rat
+183 Force Pow


1 Saber Ward
2 Force Leap
3 Force Sweep
4 Strike
5 Zealous Strike
6 Cauterize
7 Master Strike
8 Force Kick
9 Juyo Form
0 Sprint usually (Force Stasis?)
- Force Might usually (Heroic Moment?)
= Introspection

I know that I need to change these by adding another Quickbar panel to my in-game display. Iíve been using the default settings, and swapping out Force Kick as necessary. However, it seems clear that I need to add a Quickbar so that I can use it for all the abilities with long cooldowns such as the last four Force powers above.

Should I have two interrupts ready for Valis?

How am I doing? What abilities would you recommend for the above quickbar and for the second? Also, is this the best order for the Force attacks? I would deeply appreciate any suggestions!


Dave S.
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