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What revansowns said. Keep your target focus on the emperor and let T7 deal with the extras. If you haven't already, grab your free lvl 50 Recruit gear set from the PvP terminal on the fleet. Almost every item in the set will be better than the one you were using before. Also solve the pillar puzzle just before the emperor, which gives you gear for T7 (you have to click on the pillars to make the imperial symbol appear on the floor; I have no idea why the emperor keeps a magic chest of droid parts in his palace, but he does).

I'd add that interrupts are your best friend in this fight. He has one major ability in particular (sorry, can't remember the name of it) that does a bunch of damage unless you use your interrupt. The other thing is to have Force Leap hotkeyed and ready. As soon as he knocks you away from him, leap straight back to him to engage.