Thread: [Biochem] Smart cells and red goo
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12.07.2012 , 02:58 PM | #1
Maybe make some 48 lvl stims and adrenals only use these mats or very low number of other more expensive mats since right now everything that you can craft using smart cells or red goo uses a significant number of other more expensive mats which make whatever you can craft unviable economically so you end up with tons (I have 20 stacks or so of 99 each) of these useless mats

Noone makes the lvl48 stims or adrenal because you make so little out of it, i could sure make tons of those very unexpensivelly which will also help decrease the price of the exotech ones if only they didnt require the more expensive like mutagenic paste or neurochemical extract or immunity cells culture

Just the heads up