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Why is it in bioware games they make you look ugly when you go darkside? (Scaley skin, Veins on face, Pale skin, ect.)

There has been plenty of sith who looked perfectly normal when gone to the darkside until they get disfigured someway wether it be a fight or something else.

-Anakin Ep.III
-Count dooku
-Exar kun
-Palpatine (prior to mace windu's work)
-Darth maul
-Ulic Qel Droma
-Bastila (short time but still)

The list can go on forever.

other than getting yellow eyes, people don't become fugly just by going darkside so why do we in all these bioware SW games?
Maybe thats why there is an option to remove corruption. Just saying. My sith is darkside lvl V and looks quite normal.
Obviously there tons of lore out there explaining that kind of thing. I even heard of techniques that mask corruption forinstance.
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