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With free respecs now, it really depends on your tree and level. Leveling my marauder, I put my first points into Carnage because the increase to off hand damage and buff to Cloak of Pain was most important out of all the trees in the first tier. I didn't respec to Annihilation until I had enough points to pick up Deadly Saber so that I could utilize the talents revolving around bleeds (the basis of the spec). Then I put the points back into tier one of Carnage after I got the 31 point ability.

If you were going sorcerer, no matter what, I would put the points into increasing the total force pool and decreasing the force cost of all abilities in the Lightning tree and wouldn't move those throughout the leveling process. You'll be behind in moving up whatever tree you choose (unless you plan on speccing Lightning of course), but running out of force can be a big problem in sustained battles (warzones and flashpoints especially).

So really, look at the talents and go with what makes the most sense to you. These are just a few examples from my experience.
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