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I'm pretty sure I've seen a thread on this before but couldn't find it in a search.

Anyway, aren't the missions that are available to send crew members on supposed to be randomly generated as to what type they are; fabrics, metals or companion gifts (although I know companion gifts are favored by some percentage)?

There's no way they can be random. I'm sure like a lot of players I'm looking mostly for metal missions for mandalorian iron. Seriously, if I'm lucky I'll one metal mission between two separate toons that have underworld trading. I can't count the number of times that there's nothing but 6 companion gift missions. I've even logged in and out as much as dozen times and still get no metal missions!

Seriously Bioware? Working as intended?
Been broken since launch. A number of us have tested it and demonstrated it to be true. They have and continue to ignore it. It is one of the main reasons that I have not played in a few months and am thinking on leaving altogether. You spend more time running missions, failing at all levels while trying to gear you alts then you do actually playing your alts.

Low level gear should be a drop in the bucket, not an adventure of epic proportions. It gets worse as you level.
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