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1. How does Valor work? I've engaged in a few successful PvP 1v1s but it still shows Valor 0.
The game doesn't award us anything for killing players in open world pvp. To get valor you'll need to join PVP warzones. There's a little Republic or Imperial symbol on the bottom right of your minimap on your main HUD screen. Right click it, then queue for warzone.

2. How do you get PvP commendations?
Only by competing in PVP warzones.

3. How does Strength equate to Damage?
What class or advanced class are you playing? Sith Assassin for example...

4. Same for Endurance vs. Armour rating.
Basically endurance increases your health pool, armor increases your protection from attacks. There are more in-depth guides if you google.
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