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12.07.2012 , 04:10 AM | #1
Like for example i know when you get cyborg to 50 the character creation on all species have cybernetic selections added so you can put them on none cyborgs. Another example of what i'm asking is, If i unlock zabrak will i be able to put zabrak horns or facial tattoos on none zabrak species, If a species i want to play as doesn't have a hair style or feature another does will unlocking that species give my other species their options or at least some? Say i wanna make a miraluka with a human species hair selection the miraluka don't have or i want my miraluka to have a beard which for some odd reason they don't have that selection, would i be able to get those options by unlocking human or miraluka or both? Or is it only cyborgs who at lvl 50 give an all species customization unlock?