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12.06.2012 , 10:02 PM | #4
The book is one of my favorite SW novels - but it's bad mostly for people who favor the Exile over Revan, since Drew pretty much gives her the job of not-so-perky sidekick. Which does annoy me, but I prefer Revan.

As the the SF robes, according to a comic made a few years back, Revan was actually wearing the Qel-Droma robes during the fight with Malak - robes you find on Korriban. So no, he definitely did not wear the SF robes in canon, though I suppose I can see why you'd want them - like I said, they're not my favorite, but they're definitely cool. I like the Tython commendation Jedi Consular shirt specifically because it resembles the SF robes, in color at least. In fact, my Consular will be wearing nothing except the moddable version of those robes.