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Because the Star Forge robes were game mechanics, nothing more - plus, when he was captured and put in stasis, it was at least 4 years post-KOTOR. Even if he did have them, hypothetically, they tend to stand out. Most of the novel he was trying to fit in - first on Coruscant, then among the Mandalorians, and finally on Dromund Kaas.

But yeah, game mechanics of the original game. Do you think Revan would really pause on a mission that important as killing Malak, only to make himself some clothes? Nah. He wore what was on hand - and the reason he was wearing his "classic" outfit in TOR is probably because, non-canon wise, it is his most widely-recognized outfit, and canon wise, Scourge brought Revan and Meetra changes of clothes - and Revan's robes seem to be Sith style, even three hundred years later. Look at all of the Inquisitor robes you can get in-game that are recolors of his robes - whether red or blue or black. Where do you think Revan got those robes in the first place, as a Sith? He was corrupted by the Emperor on Dromund Kaas, and he was probably given new robes to wear in honor of his 'Darth' title - though he kept his mask from the Mandalorian Wars.

And besides, I am not a giant fan of the Star Forge robes, so I wouldn't have wanted to see him wearing those anyway.