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The curent F2P system is so screwed up that it's laughable at best.

But the issue curently beeing discused be it pvp and warzones, I say you are looking at it in a wrong way
Why not let others take part in the pvp element of this game? Just because you had to purchase the game and then pay a monthly fee for it, and now you feel like you gave your money for nothing? Well, if you are still reading these forums, it means you like the game and your buck was prob well spent

I say give them access to everything, full rewards and such, and make subscribers earn 50% more than they curently are earning from wz's and such. everyone will be happy

*if your natural response to this would happen to be: nooo! make them subscribe if they want to play pvp at all! and make them addictive to the pvp and then they will subscribe and whatnot (woot?? o_O) ... then this whole game is a lost cause, and deserves to loose all it's players and then be shut down as a big ****up in gaming industry.

Someone needs to get their heads out of their posterior end if this game is ever going to have a future. -- and I'm not only talking about the devs here. No. You, the paying customers should also change your "subscribe or ****" attitude
Farewell, and thanks for all the fish
This would defeat the purpose of the F2P element , which is EA/Bioware making money off of people who dont like subscriptions for one reason or another.