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I do the same thing someone else mentioned. When I'm trying to get metals I send all my toons that I can send on missions for that category. I do all the gift missions and fabrics missions to get the metal missions.

The downside is, even if I get a few Underworld Metals missions, chances are I'm still not going to get the one metal I need which in most cases is Mandalorian iron. I've sent my comp that adds +15 UT or however much it is to do a rich yield mission and still didn't get mandalorian iron. To make matters worse, these missions at this level take at the least 40-55 minutes to complete with high affection. I usually send Vette or my ship droid to do these missions and it's a crap shoot if I get anything.

Best thing to do that I've found is to buy the wealthy crew skill mission from the GTN and send your comp out for an hr and 45 minutes to do that mission. Buy another one and do the same thing again. If you have slicing you may be able to get them easier without paying as much as people charge. But then those can be even more random.
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