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so no cast time is working as intended. think people are very unhappy with the fact that we are losing a mechanic that requires player response and turning this into another tanking/positioning mechanic.
I agree, it is still easier then HM, mechanic wise.

Tank positioning mechanics are the oldest and simplest mechanics that can be used in a raid, and overall are not worthy of a nightmare label.

There are multiple mechanics in this fight that could have been buffed up to make this fight more of a challenge, but for some reasons BW did the opposite.

To be honest the majority of NIM EC is very disappointing with the added diffculty mainly lying within higher health pools on mobs, and greater amount of damage being done Even Kephess is pretty much the same fight, except you have to deal with 2 warriors with shields instead of one in the second phase... you still use the same tactics for the first and third phase, and for Kephess himself even.
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